viernes, 9 de agosto de 2019

haunted: a novel of stories (Chuck Palahniuk)

Pollution, overpopulation, disease, war, political corruption, sexual perversion, murder, and drug addiction… Maybe they weren’t any worse than they’d been in the past, but now we had television carping about them. A constant reminder. A culture of complaint. Of bitch, bitch, bitch… Most people would never admit it, but they’d been bitching since they were born. As soon as their head popped out into that bright delivery-room light, nothing had been right. Nothing had been as comfortable or felt so good.

Just the effort it took to keep your stupid physical body alive, just the finding food and cooking it and dishwashing, the keeping warm and bathing and sleeping, the walking and bowel movements and ingrown hairs, it was all getting to be too much work.

P.S.: Paraphrasing the great quote by Christopher McCandless, I'd say: "Complaining is not real unless shared"  ;-)

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